Fruitsnack is almost gone + A zipper crisis

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram feed, you’ve heard me talk about the stresses of helping my daughter through some medical issues, while navigating the health care system and an ill-informed, ego driven, physician’s assistant who has made it very difficult for us to get the care she needed (the care we’ve been getting for her entire life), and tempering that stress by taking weekend adventures to the Pacific Northwest beaches.

I love that at the edge of a major city there is a beach with a bike path and hoards of mask wearing people doing beach like things. Volleyball, ocean wading, french fry eating, not enough clothes wearing, which I typically love, but am so confused by when the temperature is actually only 65 degrees and the water is therapeutically cold. I guess our bodies adjust pretty quickly to what warm is or isn’t. And here, on Alki Beach, in West Seattle, 65 degrees is warm enough to wear your bikini while paddling your inflatable kayak in the very cold Puget Sound. So, ima try it next time I’m in town. Until then, I’m headed back to Pittsburgh, where it snowed yesterday because April is bananas. Which also just feels in line with everything the last year has presented…here’s the big takeaway: NOTHING MAKES SENSE! We are all living in altered states with new priorities being made each and every day. I guess we just go with it, try to keep our sanity, keep preserving our health and well being by wearing our face masks, getting vaccinated (seriously, get vaccinated!! It is our only way out of this) and doing the things that make us better able to cope with the ongoing nature of our new new lives.

I wrote a far too long story about how we’ve been waiting for zippers to arrive for almost two months and could barely produce any bags, except Utility Totes and Work Totes because they do not have a zipper. But, it was boring and I pride myself on telling great stories, so all we should be thinking about right now is how to get me back onto a beach with my Sumac Porter packed up with a bag blanket and a water thermos so I can stay hydrated while I drink Oyster Martini’s in my swimsuit and people watch.  Maybe a place warmer than Alki?? y'all better vaxxinate so I can do that pleeeze.

While I plan out that wild trip, I've decided that Moop Shop is having a sale.

15% off with the code: OYSTERSWIMSUIT

(from now through Monday night)

OH! And, we’re out of Fruitsnack and can’t get more for a long while and those bags are selling out quickly. Get one while you can! Somehow, though, we’ve been able to keep getting SUMAC??!! so, we’ve added it to almost every style. Find it in the Backpack no.1The Zip Kit and The Envelope Clutch.


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Fruitsnack is almost gone + A zipper crisis