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this city

September 15, 2016

i rarely go out for lunch but, today i met dave for what was supposed to be a delicious lunch date (iv’e been dreaming about the lunch salad at this place i visited a few weeks ago and really wanted it again). instead it was a stupidly expensive salad that tasted terrible and left me still feeling hungry…which in turn made me real bummed that i had spent money on lunch only to have it be a big flop. but, i rode my bike back to the studio via a different route than normal and found myself on the middle of the smithfield street bridge with a view of the city that I had not seen before and it made me feel so happy to have located my studio in downtown Pittsburgh where I can ride my bike to almost anything (even bad lunches). i’ve been loving this town lately. here’s to sunny mid-afternoon bike rides. xoxo & happy thursday!

p.s. our studio is tucked right behind that front row of buildings that run along the river.