We have MOVED!!! All orders placed after 5/6/2021 will not ship until mid-July. Click here to read the long long story of why and where. xoxox


My two favorite foods. About to head into the studio to finish up one of the new backpack designs I've been working on...plus, a smaller version of The Weekender that I think all of you will be into. Hope your Friday involves some creative energy and rosé with friends. xoxo, wendy
oh! And, it's Veterans Day...take a moment to consider those who have chosen to be a part of our nations military. My younger brother is a Marine, has served a million tours of duty and received a billion awards and experienced things I will never encounter in my day to day life. I'm sure many of you have friends and family with similar experiences. Take a moment to send hugs and thanks. Much love to you all.

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