MOOP SHOP downtown pittsburgh

Hello Saturday Morning WE HAVE HUGE NEWS TO SHARE!

I’m here in our downtown shop this slightly chilly but not too cold Saturday morning, feeling so many good feelings about this place. We love our tiny little tucked away spot in Downtown Pittsburgh as much as we love the tiny little corner of the internet that we inhabit. Moop has grown so much over the years and endured a lot of challenges. We’ve had our fair share of two steps forward, three steps backward years, for sure. Right now, we’re in a little bit of a leap of confidence mode. We’ve added a few new people to our team, we’ve increased our production volume, we’ve invested in relationships that are just now starting to pay off and we’re about to take a super giant step forward. These last few weeks have taken everything out of me while I prepare but I really can’t wait to share.
pike place market seattle
Starting with a 2 month Pop Up in Capitol Hill while I scout our permanent HQ2.
To be clear, we are not closing Pittsburgh.
We love Pittsburgh.
We’re expanding from Pittsburgh.

Our second location will be in one of our largest customer bases, the Pacific Northwest. We can not wait to be there. We are going to lean on all of you to help us promote our pop up! Please come if you are near, tell your friends, bring your friends, tell your media contacts and facebook groups and instagram followers.  We’re so so so excited. I've been preparing my Pittsburgh team for this for the last few weeks and feel so good leaving things here to be led by the incredible @jessecaggiano & @j_x_4 as they manage production and shipping and the retail store in Pittsburgh. I’m headed west on Monday morning with my kitty Mouse, the love of my life @jdlacroix and a few industrial sewing machines. We’ll be posting all sorts of things from the road, along with launching the new collection. I’ll be 100% working while we drive across this wild wild country letting this wild wild life take us to wild new places.