We're opening a store!

opening party for Suzette


Introducing 〰 @suzetteseattle 〰


We’re all doing our best, with not much to spare - time, energy, motivation. There’s a certain nihilism in all of us as we come out of this pandemic. We white knuckled it through years of uncertainty and the residual trauma has made us more likely to impulsively take care of ourselves. Often in slightly disorganized ways. It might be a mud mask one day, too many cocktails another, fried chicken or fork smashed chickpeas with French fries on top. Maybe an extra long run early in the morning when we are feeling our most virtuous. We are all in a state of inconsistency because the last few years have made it impossible to be anything but. We’ve been perpetually starting ourselves over. Yet, through it all, we still made it.

I’m launching Suzette inside MoopHQ, where we make bags daily. Stop in for canvas bags, small goods, natural skin care, other useful things to make you feel good…. maybe some plants? The space is wide open for me to celebrate all the things that I’m into at any given moment. We’re starting small, because I’ve been doing it all. I’m letting this evolve as I go and making this a true brick and mortar because I believe in neighborhoods filled with interesting spaces. I hope you’ll join me this Friday when I officially open the doors to our new shop in our new studio. September, 30th, 4-8pm.

We’ll start regular business hours October 5th.

We're opening a store!