Hiiiii!!!!! WE'RE BACK! click here to read how we are re-opening. xoxoxo!!

Winter WIndows

storefront at Moop

Completely in love with our juniper and river branch winter decorations. This has been the most amazing studio to work in and it feels completely magical right now! Stop in to shop in stock bags and gifts from so many talented makers (i’m particularly into all of the Odette rings we have right now and I wear Maui from MCMC Fragrances just about every day. It’s my favorite one.). We are open today until about 6 and tomorrow, sunny Saturday from 10-4…stop over here before you head into Handmade Arcade and then go to the #NODAPL fundraiser at Spirit - we’ve donated a bag for the raffle which will raise funds for the legal and medical fees of those who are in Standing Rock.

Also, humongous thanks to heredwelling for making our store front so beautiful…she is a woman of many talents. And, I love her. And, she is now working full time as a freelance stylist and photographer. And, you should hire her.
Hope your Friday is exactly how you want it to be!

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