11 years!!

public market seattle


Hello! It's our Birthday!! 
We're celebrating 11 years!

11 years of stitching every single day.
11 years of bits of thread on everything i own.
11 years of falling asleep thinking about how many steps are involved in making each bag.
11 years of trial and error.
11 years of samples and prototypes and finished products.
11 years of constant evolution.
11 years of emails.
11 years of social media changes (remember live journal?!).
11 years of The Market Bag (our very first bag!)
11 years of some of the most amazing people crossing my path.
11 years of meeting new customers and hearing their stories of carrying our bags.
11 years of some of the best assistants anyone could ask for.
11 years of watching my peers grow and get better at what they do.
11 years of successes.
11 years of not everything was a success.
11 years of figuring it out anyway.
11 years of slow and steady growth.
11 years of seeking out experts when I need them.
11 years of truly some of the most difficult and wonderful things that have happened in my life.
11 years of all bags, all the time.

I'm currently in Seattle for a few days, relocating my daughter as she continues her pursuit of a life of farming, and exploring a city I've never been to. For the first 10 years of Moop, I barely traveled. Last year, I started to explore a bit and am trying to make it a much bigger part of my life. I've worked really hard to get to a place where I have a team of people around me helping me build the very best bags, and have stopped ignoring the need to get out of my bubble and see the world and just find a way to make it happen...it makes me a better designer and business person. For instance, Seattle, you need to carry our bags!  They're very water resistant! I've only been rained on since I arrived! But, everyone here is acclimated and walking around with a smile on their face, drenched with water. It’s such an embrace of the environment, everything just keeps on going and I love it. The rain will stop, you will get dry, adventures will happen, you'll meet great people, you’ll be constantly learning and will evolve in positive ways.

So, to celebrate adventures and bags that will keep your things dry and years and years of building a life of making things and having some of the best experiences along the way and always moving forward, we're having a sale! 15% off with the code: BIRTHDAYSFOREVER

And, if you see us around Seattle this weekend, please say hello!!
So much love and gratitude,


p/s we just restocked those Tiny Zips that we produced in collaboration with the transitional housing shelter in two new colors: Slate and Deep Sage Green
And, we added The Paperback in deep sage green.
And, The Porter in deep sage green.
And, we're working on a few more!

11 years!!