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How a Moop bag comes to be

moop studio

We make bags here at Moop.
But, it doesn’t start with making a bag.
It starts with designing a bag.
And, that does not start with design. It starts with a life of creating things that started when we were children. 
It starts with a story, that leads to an idea, that leads to a conversation, that leads to a material, that leads to a design, that moves you slowly to another iteration of that design, that leads you to a beta production, that leads you to a revision, that leads you through that cycle a few more times and then to production, which leads you to a photoshoot, and to the person you want to photograph while wearing that design, and onto telling the world about that thing that came from a long history of personal story telling and evolution and diligence and trial and error and cultivating relationships and reading books and having conversations and arguing your point through that story or through that studio process or through that photoshoot. 
These things that we here at Moop all spend our days crafting…they did not come from an arbitrary place. 
They came from years of living a life of making things. 
Those who work along side me to build these bags, they have years and years of personal history that led them to this place…this place where we sit and stitch and work and talk about what is going on in our daily lives, the challenges we face, the artistic endeavors we take on, the things that influence us, the comedy of errors that embodies who we all are, the hilarity of daily life, the tragedy of things we can’t control. These things are what fill our days while we design and hand manufacture every single Moop bag in downtown Pittsburgh.
It’s a process and a product and lifestyle we believe in.
And today we just want to say thank you for believing in the very same things.

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