Hello!  I have been so completely up to my eyelashes in production and moving and re-organizing and training and stitching all of the bags that were placed during our moving sale that I have not been keeping up on updating the blog...but, I have been posting like crazy over in INSTAGRAM! So, be sure you're following along there!  And, very soon, we'll be back to regular postings over here.  We've got some good content planned, regular recipe posts, summer cocktails, conversations on art and design and music and all of the exciting things we are working on for the shop (that will hopefully be open soon!!).

Even with all of the moving and working Sunday to Sunday (truly...i am so exhausted from non-stop working..every single day for the last several months), somehow I have still managed to get some time in for activities!  I'm really feeling the pull of my teenage daughter getting older and getting closer to whatever her next stage of life is so, we've been trying to do everything! For instance, last night we went and saw Beyonce from the super cheap last minute nosebleed tickets section and...well...she slayed. It was so good.  But, it hasn't all been pop culture and bubblegum.  We've also been bike riding and camping and backyard campfire-ing and hanging with friends in from out of town and celebrating celebrity crushes (parker got to meet Jesse Andrews for his new book release...we are good friends with his sis and parker was SO excited to meet him!), plus, our friends Alison  & Josh came into town for Alison's show at The Carnegie Museum and we loved taking them to dance parties and backyard print show campfire hangouts and seeing Alison perform at the opening and generally catching up and spending time. So, yeah. Lots of good things. Time is fleeting..and I'm trying to fill it and hang on to it all at the same time.  All of my friends around me have young children and while I miss so much about those days, I am also so excited to have an almost grown daughter. Seeing her dream about the person she will become is very rewarding.  (that's her above...in one of those moments as a parent that has caught me off guard and reminds me that we both are getting older.) ((gah! I'm stuck in nostalgia this morning!))

back to work!

(photo credits go to the amazingly talented Lexi Buda of heredwelling)