We moved + opening a retail store + a SALE!

Hello!! As many of you know, we have been in the midst of yet another studio move.  We are now located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh!  I know it appears that I have bounced around a bit over the last two years…I have!  So many major personal life things were going on, making it hard for me to know where I would permanently land (or, semi-permanently?? not sure I believe in forever in one place..personality flaw maybe?) Either way, I have finally found the space that will house Moop for the next few years.  It pulls together everything I have ever wanted in a space and reminds me of my very first Moop studio and living space in Western Massachusetts…a place I miss so much.  In a way, almost 10 years later, I feel like I have brought my studio life full circle…and made it better.  

One of my main working principles from the beginning has been to show the what and who of the manufacture of textile goods.  Almost every single thing around us is handmade…but, sadly, more often than not, it is made by hands that are underpaid, over worked and invisible to the end user.  I have talked for years about this and am finally able to pull together our online business with a brick and mortar shop, where we manufacture our bags right inside the retail store, making visible (and beautiful) what it means to make things for a living.  I have an incredible team working alongside me right now and can’t wait to keep sharing everything they do both within Moop and in their talented outside of work lives.  

Over the next few months, we will be growing the retail store to carry lines other than our own.  Our emphasis will be on beautifully designed, functional goods that share the same ethic as we hold for Moop.  We know so many skilled makers of things and can’t wait to share them with you…and, don’t worry! for everyone who is not local, we will have all of this available on our website as well!  

But, to bring this back to today, all of this transition has been expensive!! So, we are having a sale!  haha! #smallbusinesslife - help us jump the hurdle of growth by ordering a bag during the next week.  We have a lot of inventory in-stock and ready to ship and should be stitching again by early this week to make up whatever we don’t already have made.  Thank you thank you thank you for supporting our tiny business over the years, through many transitions and many stages of growth.  We, quite literally, could not have done this without you.  

Use the code:  MOOPGROWS
for 15% off from today through May 9th.


And, be sure to follow along our Instagram feed for photos of the new space…it’s gorgeous!  @moopshop



We moved + opening a retail store + a SALE!