catching up

moop bags

trying to recreate this feeling on this beautiful saturday morning where i slept in until 7am (holla!). Lots going on today but, very much welcoming a non-rushed weekend morning…hopefully filled with an adventure or two.

Thank you to Lexi, Jesse and Jeff who have been working alongside me as we cut, stitched and packed so so so many bags…all while simultaneously moving, building furniture and settling into a new studio. I’ve been training Jesse and Jeff on the production stitching side of things during this whole process…they are two of the quickest learns I’ve ever worked with. High fives to natural talent, attention to detail and all around great people. Now that we *almost* have every bag made and shipped from that huge sale, Lexi and I are beginning to work on designing and building out the store portion of things…I am so so so excited about this and can’t wait to throw a huge party when we are ready to open.

Hope you’re off to some fun times this weekend!


photo by: heredwelling 

catching up