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Sometimes production looks like this: a bunch of friends, who also work together, who also sometimes have to pull out stitches with tiny little seam rippers. All of which is fine because the new space is so pleasant to work in that even days where all of the machines decide to act as though mercury is retrograde (is it? i haven’t checked. but, it would explain so much.) have been really great days. This studio feels like the culmination of 10 years of hard work (i know i keep saying that…it is!!). It pulls together everything I need in a space. It gives me the work life balance that I feel like I’m constantly chasing and that I I think we all are chasing (or, uh,…those who are not independent billionaires..i don’t care about that person’s life balance). Running a business and raising a child and trying to be a partner to another person and a friend to your friends and care for yourself and take care of your cat takes a lot of tricky maneuvers. It’s not always graceful or glamorous (most of the time it is not anything that looks like glamorous) but, with the right people involved, it can be very fun and very rewarding and help to temper moments of stress. The things we are building at Moop right now make me very excited about the future…especially the people I’m building those things with. Jesse, Lexi, Jeff...I love you three.

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