some travels!

Hello! We are leaving the city and headed to the green mountains, then some valleys, then another city, then back home, for a whirlwind few days of driving my daughter to practice being a little bit of a farmer for the summer, followed by a shop research trip to see a bunch of things between Vermont and Pittsburgh. It’s a much needed few days outside of the studio (hard to keep inspired when you never leave the building), combined with some research for the brick and mortar store we are working on getting set up.  So, we are having a sale while we are away!  

Please enjoy 10% off our entire collection while we are traveling and through the holiday weekend.  
Use the code RESEARCH upon checkout.

We’ll be instagramming and snap chatting the whole way…keep up with us!  
Our Instagram handle is @moopshop

and, i’m new to snap chat because the mom that i am thought the kids were only using it for “sexting” but, turns out, they’re not…that was just Trump like propaganda…it’s actually people snap chatting the food they just made for dinner and all the other funny things you can think of that happen in 10 seconds without photoshop and with puppy dog ears (or..that's what my 4 snapchat friends are posting).  You should definitely be in on the fun (if you’re not already)(which you probably are..because i’m really late to the game)(as usual). Anyway…my snap chat name is wendydowns 


Wendy & co


p.s. orders placed during this sale will not begin shipping until after July 5th, 2016..because we'll be traveling.

some travels!