How To Do It!

Turn Your Creativity Into A Career
I receive emails all.the.time from people looking for business advice. If it seems right, I’ll engage and share what I know. But, more often than not the question is: how did you do it? I rarely respond to this. If you are asking that question it is because you think there is a quick answer - or even an answer at all. But, more importantly, if you are asking that question, you will likely never do the thing you are hoping to do because you think there is an answer that will make you not have to do the work involved to accomplish the things you want to do.

Sometimes people ask very specific questions. That implies they have direction. Motivation, even. To these, the motivated, there is now a comprehensive new resource to help answer lots of the logistical questions that come up when trying to learn how to run a business as you go. Questions you did not even know you would think about until they’re right in front of you. It has been organized by the talented team behind These Are Things. It is a comprehensive HOW TO DO IT creative entrepreneurship guide. A pretty invaluable resource. I feel pretty excited to have contributed a few interviews to the publication. You can purchase it by clicking here or by clicking the red box above.