The Moop Doodler


We recently added an exciting person to the Moop team - a Moop Doodler!  He's been drawing all sorts of fantastic fun things for the last few months.  He's been screen printing walls, illustrating newsletters, drawing all of our bags and overall adding more smiles to our day.  His name is Jesse and he's officially the Moop Doodler.  We've had several conversations over the last few weeks about whose job it is to do the daily Google drawings and then I saw this post on DesignSponge introducing her, the Google Doodler!  So, we can't claim ownership over coining the phrase but, that's surely what Jesse does here. There are lots of fun things that will come from of which is our February heart print!  Drawn and screen printed in our studio.  All Moop orders shipping in February will get one in their box as a special thank you for helping us do what we love.