Holiday deadlines

While I was curled up in a ball last night with a bottle of chardonnay and watching Gossip Girl for the first time (I know…late to the game. And, yes, of course I started at season 1 episode 1) after the 12th day in a row if 12+ hours of manual labor, I really had no real thoughts…I was in total Blair, I mean BLISS! bliss.  I was in total bliss.. ok. yes, i have watched too much of that show.  But, seriously! I have also sewn as many bags as I possibly can each day and my neck hurts so cut me some slack…I can watch mindless bad t.v. and still be a good person. Anyhow, did you see the new photos of Addie with The Letter Bag?? (god I loved Sunday’s photoshoot) all of this is also a very long way of saying, I left the studio late last night and arrived here really early and as much as I hate to do this, I think have to cut off holiday orders because this will continue to be my schedule for the next 12 days.  Orders can still be placed on the website but, we can no longer guarantee delivery in time for Christmas for orders placed after 12/10.  We have so many in queue, we’ll be stitching these long days until the last day we can ship and have things arrive in time.  

Thank you a million million million for all of the orders!!! Now, back to work!!