Holiday rush + gift cards + a handful of seconds bags

Good Morning, Monday!  We have had quite a few weeks, eh?!  So much has happened and we can’t thank you enough for all of the amazing holiday orders (plus, I bought a house and moved over the weekend).  We apologize for cutting off orders on the 10th…there was just no way we could have made any more bags in time…Gena and I have been sewing like mad, and Lexi has been packing orders non-stop.  Luckily, we all get along and make each other laugh so through our delerious state of working, we’ve all had a good time.  We’ll be here sewing as many more bags as we can today and tomorrow then closing down for almost a week.  We are pooped!  But, for all of you who waited until the very last minute to give the gift of handmade, we have a solution - GIFT CARDS!  This lets your recipient choose any bag they want and you get to be the winner who gave them not only a thoughtfully handmade bag but, also the one they wanted!  

And, one quick announcement…we made a mistake on two runs of Paperbacks.  Not good for us but, great for you.  So, we’re making them available on the site this morning.  There are a handful of the Moop + Thread Paperbacks and a handful of Gray wax Paperbacks.  Here’s what’s wrong with them:  we mis-cut one piece and did not realize the dimensions were off until they were all sewn up so they’re about one inch shorter than our first quality bags (we’re calling them a casualty of our overworked brains).  As with all seconds bags, there are no structural issues, they are final sale and they are 25% off.  If you want one, grab it now.  We’ll only have the product page up today and tomorrow until 1pm EST, if there are any leftover, they won’t be available until our next seconds sale (and who knows when that will be!).

We’ll do our best to get as many as possible shipped before the holiday but, if you want to ensure it arrives in time for xmas, you’ll want to expedite shipping (you can do that at checkout).  They’re all ready to go so you won’t be waiting for us to make them.  But, remember, we’re a small small team..we can’t make Amazon style turnaround times happen in this place.  We hand wrap every bag.

Hope you’re off to a super great week!


Wendy & co.