studio time

Moop began as an extension of my studio practice as an artist.

I think a lot about how that influences and pairs with the process of small batch manufacture that most of my days are filled with. We have high daily production volumes that need to be met and have to pay attention to most of the same things that larger businesses do. But, I feel really lucky to have evolved a studio practice into a business that still allows me studio time. Monday’s are that day for me. Moop production happens Tuesday through Friday as an intense 4 days of hard work from me and everyone who works with me. But, Monday’s (even though I am usually working on production) are the time where I get mental space to let the repetitive nature of what I do settle in so my thoughts can drift through all of the ideas and projects I constantly have going through my head. I’ve been listening to 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami for the last several weeks (i listen to tons of audio books while I work) and thinking about all of the recent changes and evolutions of this life I lead and how the universe can be such an interesting thing sometimes. #inprocess #studiopractice #reflecting #monday #moophq

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