Porters are on sale!

Hello! Another weekend is about to begin! Mine will involve a ceiling demo for my living room ceiling that decided to cave in while I was camping two weeks ago (did you see that on the blog?). Sadly, insurance only covers part of it...so, I have to do what every single other one of us would do in this situation...let the hole in the ceiling just stay forever put on some gloves and do the the work myself.  I'll be honest, I do not enjoy that kind of work but, I have been having the most incredible summer thus far and if this is the trade off, then so be it. I've tackled far trickier things in all my years (especially in the last year..ha!)...I can do this one, too! (yay for self motivating pep talks!!!) oh! yeah! i forgot! also! my car was hit while parked on the street last weekend!  ...seriously, all i can do is laugh at this point. laugh with me. it's funny.

There's been a lot of good things happening at Moop HQ, though! We've been working on some new things, traveling across the country, having weekend photoshoots, falling in love with Pittsburgh all over again and planning out the second half of this year. It's been so productive and so exciting and I can't wait to share all of the new stuff that's on its way.  In the meantime, I am clearing out a few things to make way for some new things. This weekend, all non-waxed Porters are on sale!!  I know you all love this material as much as I do but, we're excited to change things up a bit so we are discontinuing them. No discount code needed, they're all marked down 20% until they sell out!

Hope you have a true winners weekend planned!


Wendy & co.