Well, that Porter sale sold out in less than 24 hours.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a bag from us!  We've been putting the finishing touches on all of them, packing them up and shipping them out the door.  I also demo-ed my living room ceiling over the weekend.  It went far far better than I had let myself believe it would.  A huge relief! Last night the drywall was hung...next, finding a really good plaster person. In the meantime, it's all Porter production over here at Moop HQ.  We've got some big changes happening next week, too! I'll update once they're all said and done...don't want to count the chicks before they're hatched...or, don't want to psyche myself out before big things happen. So, stay tuned! And, hope your summer keeps being awesome!  


p.s. I stopped at my new favorite, Constellation, for the perfect flat white and ran into the incredibly friendly Joey from the newest newest place to open up, The Vandal! Can't wait to stop in for some really great food snacks.