Holiday Updates + Pop Up + Sale (for after xmas on and you'll see why)

Good Morning!  Just writing with a few quick notes!

1.  Because of all of you beautiful people who have been so supportive of us, we have had to cut off holiday orders.  We are doing our best to ensure that all orders placed before December 10th will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday…it will likely be a day or so before xmas eve…but, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it happen (like for real…i’ve been stitching for 12-14 hours a day, everyday since Thanksgiving and will do so until the last day we can ship packages out the door).  All orders placed after December 10th will not arrive until after the New Beautiful Year.  We will be taking some time off beginning December 24th so we can all have some time to recover, take a break, be with our friends and families and just not have to work.  We absolutely love what we do but, we rarely get time off and this year, we’re just gonna do it.  

2.  Tomorrow is our holiday Pop Up Shop in our studio with Reiko Yamamoto.  We will have lots of bags..including Market Bags in black and Envelope Clutches in the recycled soda bottle fabric in heathered gray..both of which will not be on the website until after the new year.  So, pick one up tomorrow and gift it to your favorite person!

3.  We love you.  Truly.  All of you have made it possible for this little business to happen.  This little business that I have been able to build into a thing that supports me and a few other talented artists.  For that, we are all very thankful for the support you have shown us over the years.  So…just want to say THANK YOU!

Hope you’re off to a great weekend!!


Wendy & co.

p.s. my beautiful little daughter turns 18 today.  That makes me feel very special.  She makes me smile almost every single day. Think happy thoughts for her today.  

p.p.s. And, just because, we are going to do free shipping this weekend…because, if you’re ordering this weekend, it will be after the new year before it arrives and that’s a little way we can say thank you for your patience. xoxo! Enter the code: FREEWEEKEND to get free shipping to the domestic US from now through Monday, Dec 14th and midnight EST.