How to gift a Moop bag that won't arrive in time + a small amount of bags that will arrive in time!

Hello Hello!  We have been stitching non-stop to fulfill all of the orders that were placed prior to December 10th.  The very last of those promised packages will ship out tomorrow afternoon and will arrive in time for Christmas gift giving.  And, we’ve even managed to get a handful of bags that were placed after our cutoff stitched and shipped in time.  Thank you so much for all of the orders!!

For those of you who missed the cutoff and for those of you who have waited until now to even start your shopping (which, ahem..I, myself, am one of those late people…I’ve had no time because I’ve been making so many bags!), we made up an easy way for you to gift the Moop bag you've ordered.  If you get your order placed now (and for those of you with an existing order placed after the 10th), simply print off this easy to follow PDF and fold up a very giftable envelope, then print out a photo of the bag you’ve ordered and tuck it inside.  Your recipient will be so excited to know a new Moop bag is being made especially for them.  You could even wait until the very last minute of Christmas morning, place your order, print out your bag image, fold up the cute envelope and no one will be any the wiser!…none the wiser?…what is that phrase? regardless, we’ve got you covered.

And, if you would like to give a physical, actual, real deal, already made bag, we have a little bit of inventory of a few bags in a few colors that, if placed today, will ship tomorrow and will arrive in time for Christmas gifting within the domestic US.  We don’t have many of these so, I’ve created a special section on the website for just the items we have in stock and ready to ship…and, just about everything is under $100.  Small bags make great gifts…and this little bit of leftover inventory means you can gift a finished bag!


Hope you all have so much fun planned for this week.  We are all looking forward to taking some time off…we are going to cook and cocktail and hang out with friends and family and just plain relax.  We can.not.wait.  Hope you all get to enjoy the same.


Wendy & co.