post production rush

here i am, a bunch of weeks later for the annual, post holiday production rush self portrait. the creases on my face are a little deeper, the tired in my eyes is a little heavier, my makeup is a little lazier, my feet and back are a lot more tired, my hair is messier but, i feel a tiny bit more victorious this year. there were a lot of personal and business challenges that 2015 gave to me and i feel like i can close out this year with a better understanding of what i need to do to accomplish the big hairy audacious goals that i have for 2016. i hope you’ll stick with me on this journey as I enter the 9th year of running Moop! But, first…after tomorrow…we’ll be taking a much much needed break (6 weeks of 7 days a week, 14 hours a day...we need this). i’m sure i’ll be posting lots of cocktail and cooking photos during that time…i hope you will be, too..because i’ll be looking for inspiration! thank you all again for making this holiday season such a good one for us.
xoxo, wendy.

p.s. you may still place your orders, we just will not be back to production stitching and shipping until after New Years (in fact, getting orders in queue sooner rather than later will mean you'll get your new Moop bag quicker!)