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👋Alone here.
Switching off the news.
Starting a new audio book.
True fact: a decade ago,I listened to so many audio books that I was featured in Audiofile Magazine.
This current state of uncertainty has surfaced lots of old life memories, making me reflect on things I used to do and realizing how gradually some things fell away or evolved or just changed. I guess that’s the forward path of existing. Maybe it’s best when you don’t realize that things have changed so dramatically you didn’t even see it happening. I’ve definitely been very intentional about a lot of changes, controlled change is crucial to my ambition and happiness. I’m not one to just float along letting things happen to me.There’s a lot of intention in the things I make happen for me. I dunno,I could talk myself in circles here, it’s always a combination of both: intention & chance.

Life is weird and always changing but, the only thing we actually know right now, is this contemporary life has changed in ways we can’t define yet. Which gets to the heart of the uncertainty. We don’t know the outcome. The only thing I can equate it to is when I divorced, my life changed so abruptly and so dramatically that it was hard to find my footing. We did not have a long lead up to divorce. It kind of happened overnight and suddenly, the future I had been building didn’t seem possible any longer. The things I had been doing involved another joined force. And, when we suddenly broke that plan of building together, it was difficult to see what I would build alone, which parts of that past life I would keep and which I would let float away from me. But, I did find my footing. It was messy at times but, I did find my way forward, in ways I think are even more aware of the outcome I want, with more intention to ensure the things I am doing are moving me along and bringing me satisfaction while doing so. If you’re open to it, there’s a lot of happiness in building a new life.
I guess the optimism I want to convey is we can all do the same here and now. It is currently messy. But, we can make it through to something different. Possibly even better.
**footnote: these feelings might all change by next week

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