Pittsburgh Gift Cards

Moop storefront downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership link for Moop matching Gift Cards can be found by clicking here.

Read below for details on the incentive:

I have been very transparent about the effect that C19 has had on small businesses.We have done everything we can to take advantage of the government funds that were made available, applying the first moment applications opened, diligently working with our accountant, bookkeeper, payroll company and bank to ensure we had everything in order. We’ve been able to take advantage of loan deferments and our landlord has been so gracious in allowing us rent deferrals. My team is on UE and because of the adjustments to the UE regulations, I am still able to pay for their health insurance. Sadly, the PPP funds were depleted as of yesterday, before we were funded. I am still working to produce as many bags as I can on my own and have been 100% reliant on all of you to get us through this global shut down. The community of Moop fans we have cultivated over the last 13 years has come through and I cannot thank you enough. You are amazing. The messages you have sent have been so heartfelt and make me well up with gratitude. I never thought I would have to fight so hard for this thing that I have so carefully built. The one on one conversation I’ve been able to have with so many of you who carry the bags we’ve designed and made over the years is something truly special. Thank you.

We’ve also seen a huge outpouring of support from the business community. I’ve been in Pittsburgh for 10 years. For the last 4.5 of those years, we’ve been located downtown. My favorite neighborhood in this city. Today, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership has launched a campaign to help the shops and restaurants in our neighborhood with gift card matching. For every $25 you spend on a gift card with us, or any downtown business, the @downtownPitt will match it with a 25% additional amount. ex: buy $100, get $125. Gift cards act as a loan to small businesses to help us through this pandemic, filling in the gaps where federal funding falls short. It is 100% community driven and supports the establishments we all love and want to see make it through. Click the link above to purchase. And redeem whenever you are ready. Community supporting community❤️

These Gift Cards must be purchased through the PDP website. Click here to do so.


Pittsburgh Gift Cards