Continuing Isolation and the Birthday Sale

canvas bag weekender
You all are amazing and we have sold off almost all of our in-stock inventory. This has bought us some time. I am optimistic and completely grateful that our community has helped us have a fighting chance at making it through this pandemic. You are incredible. At the request of basically everyone, we’ve opened the collection up for PRE-SALE orders. I’m continuing our 15% off birthday sale for the time being, I’m not going to put a limit on how long we celebrate 13 years of business. We’re going to celebrate this all year long. It’s a big deal, and it feels even more significant given our current surreal moment in time. We know that we will not be able to return to normal production until at least May. I miss @jessecaggiano @j_x_4 and @bigredembroidery so much it hurts, and I can’t wait to be able to bring them back so we can all do our daily water cooler chats and recipe swaps and weekend updates. There will be so much to talk about! 
Until then, I will be making big attempts to stitch as many bags as I can on my own. Toiling away in the studio alone, cutting, stitching, finishing and shipping bags most days. I want to set expectations properly here…there’s not a huge quantity that I can do as one person so not everyone’s orders will make it out before I can bring my guys back, and I’m sure there will days where this quarantine anxiety stress gets the best of me and I stay in my pajamas eating potato chips and popcorn. But, I will be slowly chipping away at what I can, when I can, while wearing my best athleisure and listening to every single podcast and newscast available. 
I’m not likely to join in on the IG self interview talking to the camera circuit (besides, @inagarten won that game 🍸) but, I’ll post lots of photos and recipes and whatever else makes sense. So, keep on following along and place those orders! LUCKYTHIRTEEN for 15% off ❤️
If you need some back story, here's a few posts about how this is affecting us, here first, then here and then here. And, follow us on IG for daily updates❤️
Continuing Isolation and the Birthday Sale