Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. 
And, I look the same as I always do. 

Not doing anything special today, except avoiding black cats and 13th floors.
Yesterday my friend sent me a post about Frances McDormand and aging and embracing the marks and scars and signs of a life of experience as you get older. I am by no means old (youngest empty nester on the block, actually) but, I do see how I have evolved from when I was 24 to 39…it’s a big difference. And, I’m okay with it. It’s good to see positive energy around embracing age rather than being obsessed with looking younger and younger. And, I love Frances. True story, when I was in Santa Fe earlier this summer, we were invited to a party and Frances was sitting behind us the whole time we were there. She’s amazing in real life, too. I hope I can be so graceful as I age. Enjoy these days!

Friday the 13th