Holiday Order Cutoff Dates

market bag made in pittsburgh

Hello from knee deep in holiday production! 
Every year, I mentally, physically and emotionally prep myself for the intense workload that sets in around mid-November.  And, every year, I am working much longer hours than I think I will be in order to make all of the bags that are ordered this time of year (something I am truly truly grateful for!!).  But, this year is completely different!  And, there are a few major reasons why:  

1. Our new space is climate controlled.  Every year for the last 9 years, I have been working in spaces that are sweltering hot in the summer and absolutely soul crushingly cold in the winter.  Which sucks so much energy and holiday cheer out of me.  But, this year, we have central heat! And, it works! And, keeps us warm! And, we’re never shivering!  Which means, my energy is not spent on trying to work and stay warm…instead, I just get to do what I’m good at…work!  Heat is a total game changer.

2.  Full time hilarious dudes working with me.  Seriously! I’ve had assistants working with me from almost the beginning of Moop.  And, only one or two times have I had someone working year round, full time with me. Usually, everyone is part time, then moves to full time during the holiday rush (because I am a masochist and always feel like i need to be doing all of the work..i'm getting better at sharing the work load though!). A shift that begins to feel exhausting for everyone because they’re not used to full time stitching hours. But, this year, I made some changes in how my production team works along side me and my two production assistants are full time on the regular (with benefits!). Something I would not have been able to do without all of your support of this tiny hard working small business!  This has meant, that we’re all just working fairly normal hours..that we’re already used to…so, we’ve been able to keep up with production in ways that are not as taxing as years past.  And, for the first time, I’m working with mostly men (which, i suppose is neither here nor there...just a different dynamic than working with all women).  Jesse and Jeff make me laugh all day long. I could not have asked for better dudes to spend my days with.  Plus, they’re good stitchers.  And! we have someone new! Amber has joined us in shipping! Helping to make sure all of your packages make their way to you with the correct items inside and looking perfect.  Good vibes going on here.  

And, since this is sounding like an annual Christmas letter from your Aunt so and so…I’ve also been running a lot and trying to take care of myself and have been going on dates with super cute dudes that haven’t worked out but, that’s what dating as a single parent small business owner in your late 30’s is like…but, i won’t delve into that because it’ll make y’all loose your December good vibes and we only want good vibes around here so i’ve also been spending time with friends and committing myself to this city that I live in and love and making some long term moves to stay here as a forever home continuing to grow this small business with the help of this very supportive city.

And, on that note, we’re also offering FREE SHIPPING through the end of the year and the whole reason I started this long rambling note was to tell you that, even though we’ve been working like crazy and not shivering our energy away…I am still working longer than normal days, 6-7 days a week and there are only so many bags we can make so, all orders that are wanted for Christmas or Hanukkah this year must be placed by DECEMBER 10th!  So, get those orders in!!! 

Now, back to work!

Much love and thanks for reading!



Holiday Order Cutoff Dates