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now kith

jesse caggiano mike tyson

This Jesse Caggiano print came from a conversation we had in the studio about his favorite meme and how he wanted to illustrate it. you know the one, Mike Tyson, holding the pigeons he trains, wearing a dress up sweater and standing on a lawn, saying “now kith”. It made me laugh so hard. For days. Than I begged Jesse to illustrate it so we could sell it in the shop. And, he did. And, we have them in stock. Stop by or pick one up online. They’re the perfect gift for your one sibling with the good sense of humor.

ALSO, I think our holiday bag order cut off date is going to be the 10th this year (all other non bag items will be available up until the last day we can ship before the xmas holiday). We’ll see how production goes today and tomorrow. Normally during this time of year I am killing myself working insanely long hours, exhausting every last bit of energy I have, not taking care of myself, ignoring the things I need to do to make me succeed and crying a lot. This year my approach has been a little different. This is my 10th holiday season and they are all, always, a polarized mixture of excitement and brutal exhaustion and, I can’t see myself sustaining it another 10 years. This year I have been staying on top of making sure I run a few miles every other day, eat a good lunch, and not work longer than 11/12 hour days. I even took yesterday off to do the whole xmas tree thing with my daughter who graduates high school this year and may not be as close to home this time next year and jeeze! talk about things that’ll make me cry! and, don’t for a second call us the gilmore girls or i’ll punch you in the mouth. (i won’t really)(i’d prolly break my hand. and i work with my hands. so..)(we’ve been getting that comment for over a decade: when it first went off the air, then when netflix reissued it, now again that there’s that new older version of it. Come on! if only life were so sickeningly sweet as that show!) #rant #sorrynotsorry #gilmoregirls

ALSO, we’re offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING until the end of the year. No code needed. So, get those orders placed!

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