Holiday Order Cutoffs

moop studio

Just a heads up! If you would like to order a Moop bag and have it arrive in time to be a gift for Christmas, you will need to get an order placed no later than tomorrow night at midnight (12/4). You may still place orders after tomorrow, but we will not be guaranteeing delivery in time for gifting. These guys, Michelle, Mercy and myself are working non stop to make all of the bags y’all have ordered and we think you’re amazing! But, we also know our limitations…we can only stitch so many bags! No matter how superman any of us can be. There are lots of other gifts you can stop in the shop for or order online…but, bags…bags we have to cutoff guarantees for tomorrow. Thanks for understanding and thanks for all the orders!

Also, Jesse and Jeff did not plan their outfits. 😂

Wendy & co.

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