Thanksgiving Thank you's!

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Writing today to say thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts. Moop has been growing and had a few growing pains while we learned how to be a tiny bit bigger, produce a tiny bit more bags, design a tiny few more things, grow our tiny storefront, expand our tiny website and strengthen our tiny little family. I’m spending this Thanksgiving with my family, and friends who are family, and the love of my life.  Side note: Falling in love at 40 is an amazing situation. I hope it happens to all of you. I hope you either fall in love again or fall in love for the first time, or the fifteenth time or with your partner of seventeen years or with your bus crush or your best friend. So much has been going on in the great wide world we need all the love we can muster… There is so much we cannot control. But, there is so much to be grateful for. One of the main places in which I feel entirely lucky is in my studio, with some of the most amazing humans on the planet. Jesse and Jeff work alongside me to make pretty much everything at Moop happen each and every day. And they make me laugh and laugh and laugh, no matter the time crunch we’re under. Michelle keeps us organized and on schedule so we can get everything perfectly wrapped up and out the door to you. Emily spent a bunch of months helping us pull together and tighten up a storefront while sharing her experience of running her own shop, and Mercy, who is brand new, has quickly acclimated to our close knit space to assist in a variety of ways. I feel entirely, 100%, ridiculously lucky that I get to spend my days with these incredible people. They have helped me transition through so many life stages and are with me through the next. We all kind of can’t wait for all the things planned, the processes we’re implementing and the things we want to see happen. Thank you thank you thank you from the deepest parts of us, for supporting and believing in everything we do. Wishing you all the happiest of holiday weekends.

In thanks for your support, we are having a SALE! 15% off from now through Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday with the code: THANKYOUTHANKYOU
Click through to shop the sale! Plus all of the other amazing things to put inside your next Moop bag, or to drink coffee out of, or books to read

And, if you’re in Pittsburgh, come visit us on Small Business Saturday, we’ll be open from 10-4. 
Much love and tons of mashed potatoes,

Wendy & co ♡♡

Thanksgiving Thank you's!