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Unicorn Oil + minimalist beauty routines

waxed canvas paperback

I am a total minimalist when it comes to make up and self care (and bag design! haha!). When I was planning our last photoshoot with @feraflora I insisted that she not wear make up. We live in a world that is over-run with the perfection of unattainable/aspirational spaces and lifestyles and aesthetics. It feels exhausting to see every time I get on the internet. It might be my late 90’s #riotgrrl mentality, it might be that I never wanted to teach my daughter that she needed to alter herself to feel beautiful, it might be that I have always been a tomboy and never worn much more than mascara, it might be because I don’t like embellishments or things that are simply decorative, which I guess is obvious if you’ve ever looked at one of our bags, or met me in person. I design with understated minimalism because it is what I want out of the things I carry and wear and live with. Everything must have a function. But, this summer, @emilyslagel started teaching me how to be a good #millennial and practice #selfcare and I’ve eased up on some of my spartan ways! It resulted in us stocking some all natural facial care products (my favorite of which are linked above) and now every night I wash my face (I rarely did this before), then I spritz my face with toner, then I use this beautiful all natural face oil that has made me eliminate lotion all together, then I put on a swipe of essential oil. I use the one called Unicorn bc duh…I am living a life of rainbows and unicorns right now🌈🦄..or think I am bc I’m falling in love and it’s a magical feeling. Then I brush my teeth. Then I put everything back into the Tiny Clutch that I keep those tools in. Then I climb into bed with expectations of amazing, beautiful, all natural, uninterrupted sleep. And now you know everything about me. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️💅
BAG: The Paperback in washed yellow (did you see we brought back the deep magenta?!) + Tiny Clutch in charcoal
LOCATION: an ordinary backyard on an ordinary day with extraordinary early fall light

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