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Holiday Order Cutoffs and Supply Chains

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Hello Thursday! Let’s talk about what it means to be a person who makes physical objects for a living. Those objects are made up of materials that are created by a whole network of other manufacturers who make ingredients that make up larger objects. This is called a supply chain. Supply chains are always extra long caterpillars, with different parts, moving at different paces, all eventually ending up in the intended location so they can be pulled together to metamorph into something even more grand than the individual parts alone. In any given year, supply chain management is hard. Things tend to move at paces that never seem to match up with your optimistic starting point. Often, timelines are pushed, making projects deliver late, which in turn make you start your ordering dates even earlier so you never find yourself delivering a project late again, but during the year of our lord 2020, none of that really matters because the universe takes control and decides that no cotton fabric will be allowed to enter your sphere of existence until some unbeknownst to you time when that same universe unclenches its fist and allows you to drive to a Fedex shipping center outside of the city to load up your car with 9000 lbs of fabric that was supposed to be delivered days ago so you can try to pretend like you will gain back the week of lost production that was 100% due to your supply chain saying they did something that they actually did not do. And this, friends, is why I am sitting with a glass on wine on a Thursday night, having just eaten a pizza I made myself because I am a masochist who makes quite literally every aspect of her life herself. Yes, I believe so deeply in making things for a living that I make everything around me, including my bed that I am about to climb into so I can sleep and start it all over tomorrow. As such, we will have to set a HOLIDAY ORDER CUTOFF for this coming Monday. Get your orders in before then and we will try to guarantee they will arrive in time for Pandemic Christmas. There are so many wonderful things we are making and shipping all over the world to so many of you beautiful people. Thank you.

I love you all and goodnight,


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