I’m only writing in parentheticals now + am I Adrian Brody?

christmas tree

HELLO FRIDAY! It’s been snowing all week here and while we did take a snow day one day this week, we have mostly otherwise been stitching and stitching. This is for sure our slow season, which gives us an opportunity to build up some inventory. But, mostly, this Friday, I’m thinking about how I just yesterday took down my christmas tree. That very dried out tree has been in my living room, giving me the warmest coziest light since mid-December and, frankly, I’m really sad to see it go. But, I truly did leave it up too long and when I went to take the lights off, every single needle on that tree fell to the ground and I will be vacuuming up pine needles until August.

I’m also thinking about how this weekend’s Valentines Day can feel like such emotional soup. We’re not all partnered up with someone to gush over, or to gush over us and highlighting that can feel more like heartache than love story. As someone who has had many relationships over many life stages and spent many V-Day’s alone, I feel you. You can sure bet that I’m going to drink wine in the bathtub while shopping for a new mattress then slathering my face and body with my fav self care tinctures while also eating pizza on the couch while also drinking martini’s and watching The Darjeeling Limited for like the 37th time this year (sidebar: I did not appreciate this movie when it first came out, then re-watched it like thirteen years later and now I love it. so much) (I’m always sending my youngest brother long rambling texts about how these siblings feel in many ways like he and I and our brother in between) (I’m just not sure if I’m Adrian Brody or Jason Schwartzman, definitely my middle brother is Owen Wilson) (maybe I’m actually Anjelica Huston??? wtf. I just don’t know) (anyway, that youngest brother only ever responds to those texts asking if I’m high) (🙄) (which leads me to my next point, did you see those totes we made that John Fetterman is using for his current campaign??) (We can do Tote Blanks for your brand/shop/Senate campaign, too. Just email me) (another sidebar: I have 7 siblings, but we’re really spread out and I don’t have much of a relationship with most of them, so when I talk about the middle brother, I’m segmenting my siblings into groupings of people that I actually grew up with..which was me and three of my brothers, but I’m only talking about two of my brothers here) (whew) (and that’s my family tree, stay tuned next week for the one room school house that my Grandfather taught in at the age of 16 on Clinch Mountain, Tennessee)(hah kidding. that is actually a true story but, I’m not likely to share more than that in a newsletter about this bag business, but who really truly knows. I do a lot of things that I think I’m not going to do, then I do) (jessssuuss, this must be exhausting to read).

Here’s a few things we have that I love right now.

This (bc i'm dreaming of trips)
these (bc i wanna look like natalie)
and this (bc i want a moped)

Enjoy your weekends bebes, xoxo❤️✌️🦈🛁



I’m only writing in parentheticals now + am I Adrian Brody?