How to adjust your Moop mask


Thank you so much for ordering a mask last month! We have begun shipping version 1. If you have not already received it, you should by next week. Thank you for your patience while we learned how to produce these in volume. We learned a lot! And expect our version2 to ship a bit quicker than this first round.

I wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to adjust your mask. I don't want any of you untying all those tiny knots we spent days and days tying. Click below to watch the video we posted to Instagram this week. If you ordered the ear loop style, the mask is made with soft cotton lacing, tied in a slip knot. This is super comfortable and easy to adjust. Watch the video for the how to.


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Hi Everyone! Turn your sound on so you can hear my voice as I tell you how to adjust your new Moop mask to fit your beautiful face. We have literally been stitching non-stop to get these out the door and we have not had time to design the packaging and instructions that will go with them. Hopefully by version 3 we have that sorted out. In the meantime, I don’t want you all receiving these and untying all those tiny slip knots we spent days and days tying. It’s designed to just slide through the lacing so you can adjust it. I’ll try to send this via email to everyone who has ordered one as well. And, we’ll do another quick tutorial for the elastic, around the head version that is just now being completed and beginning to ship (super simple, you just tie a knot to the size that fits your noggin). Thanks for purchasing our mask! It barely took 24 hours and we sold out again! Your purchases are creating a handful of jobs right here in our shop. It is also making us feel so much better knowing that so many of you are doing the right thing and WEARING YOUR MASK! The state of PA FINALLY mandated mask wearing in public. I hope other states follow. It is the only way we will protect ourselves. And, truly, IT IS NOT HARD TO WEAR A MASK! In fact, it’s so easy. It is so much easier than being hooked up to a ventilator. Thank you! Love you! xoxoxoxox, Wendy & co. . . . . #wearamask #moopshop #moopbags #maskmaker

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If you ordered the around the head version, your mask is made with thin, flat elastic and will arrive untied. Simply tie it to the size that best fits your head, snug your knot tight and you shouldn't have to tie or untie it again.

Also, if you have both sizes in your household here's the secret to telling them apart: the regular size masks have a gray bartack stitch at the base of the ear loops. The large size has a tan bartack at the base of the loops.

Thank you for supporting us with your mask order and more importantly, thank you for WEARING a mask!

xo, Wendy & co.

How to adjust your Moop mask