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Making Bags!

Hahahaaaaaahiiiiii!!!! Just writing to remind you that WE MAKE BAGS!! We’ve had so much to say. About #blacklivesmatter, about masks, about getting back to work and none of it has been about bags. Other than, we are making zillions of them as we try to fulfill the 3 month backlog of orders that were placed during the shut downs. Your support kept us afloat and made it so everyone could come back to work. And, your support of masks meant we could create jobs. And, your support of me has meant that I feel like we are going to make it through this and create more jobs. And, it feels like it will be better than before. Lots of things feel this way right now. There are challenges and overwhelming amounts of work and lots of life to juggle but, I’m just doing what I do and doing the work. If you’re like me, it’s easy to forget that we are also still in the midst of a global pandemic because I feel busier than ever right now, barely keeping my head above water, working in the shop with everyone and while we’re all wearing masks all day, it does feel normal-ish. But. WE ARE STILL IN A PANDEMIC and we all still need to remember to keep our boundaries, wear our masks and do our part to help slow the spread of covid. A worldwide action to help save lives. It’s pretty remarkable and we, the citizens of earth, are helping the process. We’re also hurting it, though…seriously, WEAR YOUR MASKS!! We’ll open up another round of pre-sales next Monday. Here’s my BACKPACK NO.4 in MIDNIGHT just after my bike commute into the shop. I love riding to work and I love carrying this bag. It holds my laptop, change of clothes, some lunch items, phone wallet, power cords and all sorts of other junk that I always seem to have with me. And, I’ve been caught in two rains while riding home and never once worried about my laptop inside because it is VERY water resistant.
xoxo y’all. I hope you find some love today❤️

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