Growth after a pandemic, social responsibility and the new sale code

I built this company on ethical manufacture and women owned brands. Our product selection outside of our own is small, but there is room for improvement. We want to ensure we are elevating black women owned brands as well. We’re working on it.
But, we can do more.

Covid shut us down. For a few months, I did not think we would be in business by July. But, I kept working. Kept sewing. Kept trying to fulfill orders. Kept trying to be 5 people at once. And, as one of my favoritehumans has ingrained in me: WORK MAKES WORK. And, it did. In the last few weeks a few developments are making a long time plan a reality. We are leveraging the funds we make from masks and becoming a small batch manufacturer for other brands alongside our own.

One of the biggest challenges to having things made is meeting factory minimums. The overhead cost to produce just one design, in three color options, is huge. We’ll be filling in the gaps in this industry, helping to make launching a brand far more accessible. We’ll also be providing brand consulting, design and photography. We have a lot of experience and a lot of skills. I’m aiming to create a scholarship program specifically for black fashion entrepreneurs that will make our brand services available free of charge and allow lower minimums in production to get started. It is very difficult to start a textile brand. Without access to tools, experience and lots of cheerleaders, it’s even harder. I’ve been there. I’ve learned a lot in 13 years and mentored many along the way. Teaching is one of my favorite parts about what I do and I’m excited to branch out and assist those with true aspiration. We’re a few months away from taking on clients as we are still working our way out of a backlog of bag&mask orders. But, we’ll be sharing the steps along the way. There will be a new space. A big warehouse to expand into. We are very excited. 60 days ago, deep in the despair of covid, I could not have guessed that life would shift in this way. But, life is weird and moves very fast and so do I. I hope you’ll follow along as we try to create opportunity for more than just ourselves.

But, we are also barely scraping by on our daily sales right now and we need you more than ever. So, all bags are still pre-orders with a minimum 30 day turnaround. But, they are on sale. Use the code: 2020WILDS for 15% off.

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Growth after a pandemic, social responsibility and the new sale code