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This is our cutting room. Every Moop bag is hand cut in our downtown Pittsburgh studio/storefront. Ten years ago, when I started Moop, I was immersed in reading / learning / understanding the world of textile production and the human labor that make textiles possible. When the word Handmade started to become a buzz word (much like Maker is now), I felt frustrated by its use as I have always held that everything around us is handmade…it is just more often than not made by hands that are underpaid, undervalued, meant to be invisible and often exploited. When I started Moop my emphasis was on (and still is) the people behind our bags, making the labor of how our bags come to exist visible. This practice has meant I and everyone who has ever worked at Moop has had a first hand experience in what it means to hand make a product (albeit, in a really great environment that in no way resembles a sweat shop). It can be difficult at times. Stitching can be hard on your body and it takes a very specific mindset to do repetitive labor day in and day out. We are lucky to work in a really great space, something I never take for granted. It’s taken a lot of hard work to reach this point but, I feel really good about growing to a place that continues to keep the culture of skilled labor at its core. I feel really good about the tiny and powerful team I’ve built around me, each of whom share my work ethic and social values. It is immensely rewarding to get to spend my days doing this, growing this, and sharing this with you. Thank you again for all of the support! We all love you tons and tons!
Hope your Wednesday is off to all the best things. (mine started with a super quick coffee date! *swoon*)(early morning coffee dates are my favorite).
Wendy & co

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