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waxed canvas tote

Friday! I’m ready for it. I don’t usually spend my weeks anxiously awaiting Friday. I mean, my weekends tend to be a little less structured, which I welcome, but I also love my weekdays. I love the work I get to do and the people I get to do it with. This week though..this week was full of a lot of emotion! And mistakes! And machines breaking! And everything! I’m blaming the meteor shower. All those giant balls of burning rock are hurtling themselves close enough that we can maybe possibly see them and it’s confusing all of the positive energies so that even the healing crystals I carry around in my pocket aren’t working. So, I might go camping, by myself, in the woods so I can watch that meteor shower in solitude and reset my inner chakras like the hippie that I actually am. Hope your weekend is off to love and adventure and meteors and magic!

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