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Orange Salad

waxed canvas cross body bag

Hi! This is quick.

I’ve started carrying this Weekender as my daily studio bag (it looks so good with just a few things inside…in that oversized and perfect kind of way + it holds the tons of things that I always inevitably end up needing to carry). I carry this Wayfinder as my daily purse like bag. I carry this Utility Tote as my almost daily grocery tote.

That's it! Enjoy these days! And, eat your salads! (my current lunch salad recipe, which I make at least three times a week, is below)




A winter citrus salad!

1 cara cara orange - I use a paring knife to cut the peel off, then slice it up into segments.
1/2 red grapefruit - prepped the same as above
1/2 bulb of fennel - shaved very thin on my mandoline (you can also use a knife to slice thin)
1/4 cup pistachios - chopped up with my slap chop (or, just rough chop with a knife)
Drizzle with as much olive oil as you’d like, many cranks of fresh pepper and as many pinches of salt that you like.

It’s pretty much the best.

p/s/ this was longer than I expected! I am a person of many words🙈
p/p/s/ if you're outside the US, hit me up, i'll make you a special
discounted international shipping code✌️

orange salad recipe

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