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waxed canvas weekender

Hello Tuesday! I really am going to have to start paying attention to these moon cycles because the last few weeks have been filled with a level of bananas that I cannot write here. 🍌🌗 And then, like magic,✨ it turned into lots of good things slowly swirling into place. I’ve been working on several new designs (for many months!) and they’ve finally come together. I am currently finalizing the patterns, prototypes, beta tests, color options, planning the photoshoot, ensuring I can get my materials (a never ending pandemic challenge that has not really let up) and putting them into production.

In the past, we kind of loosely produced bags upon order, which meant, we rarely had inventory, we always had a backlog, my weekdays were insanely long days and I always worked weekends in order to keep up - even with a whole team of people stitching along side me. One big change I’ve made since moving is to produce a big volume of bags before they’re available on the website. This allows me to set reasonable volumes for myself and take weekends off. I literally rode my bike through seven million tulips last Sunday. It was a real true dream. Even though lots and lots of stitching is going on in my sunny studio during the week, this new work schedule is why you’re seeing things sell out on the website. Some bags will come and go so get your favorites while they’re available!

As I prep all of the new things coming soon (hopefully by end of May🤞), I am having a SALE! on everything that is currently available to ship out. It is all made (or just about😬) and I will start packing things up as soon as you get your orders in. Summer is coming, so be sure to get one of those Fanny Packs with the ice dye pattern and a Weekender for all of the adventures you’re about to take.

For those of you heading back into the office, the new Carrier is SO GOOD! When I first designed this bag, I was thinking of my friend Lena, who does amazing work in the world around affordable housing and I wanted her to have one. She carries it daily and when we FaceTimed last weekend, told me how much she loves it! So, thanks Lena❤️ And, to all of the rest of y’all doing amazing work in the world, I think you should also get one🙃

To celebrate seven million tulips, my friend Lena, weekends off, moon glows, magic happenings, new things coming and great things already here, I’m having a sale!

Use the code: MAGICMOON for 15% off. Starting now, through to Sunday dinner on the 24th.



cross body bag

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About Magic Moons + Things Coming Soon