We're opening a store! + New Spring Bags! + 15 years!

15 years!

Two years and two months ago I tried to celebrate our 13th business birthday on a Friday the 13th, in the year of 2020. On just about that same day, the whole world shut down and our entire lives were thrown into chaos. The things that have happened between then and now have been truly wild and taken me on a journey that I never could have anticipated then, and am sometimes in awe of now. Some of the biggest and hardest and best decisions I’ve ever made happened in that span of time. I’ve literally climbed mountains to get here.

Now, two years and two months after that day, on another Friday the 13th, in a different  month, a different season and a different city, I am now a different person. Two months ago, I quietly mentioned to a few people around me that it was my 15th business anniversary and I didn’t feel ready to celebrate it yet. Two months since that happened brings me to today. And, friends, on this sunny sunny Friday the 13th in May of Twenty Twenty Two, I am writing to celebrate FIFTEEN YEARS as MOOPSHOP!!!

They have been 15 hard earned years full of so much adventure, challenge, growth, audio books, podcasts, bags, designs, hand stands, equipment, assistants, studios, spaces, hearts, minds, energies and some of the best humans on the planet coming into my orbit. I kind of can’t believe it. On this 13th day of May, another Friday, celebrating our 15th anniversary, I am also so dang excited to announce that we have secured a new and long term home in sunny Seattle and we’ll be opening a retail store again!!!✨✨Much like my sparkly Pittsburgh shop, it will live alongside my production and design studio. You’ll be able to stop in and say hi, see where all the magic happens, shop for bags and all the things that go with bags. It’s a very pretty space in Capitol Hill! I cannot wait to see your faces. Our first party is going to be so fun.

We’ll be moving in 18 days. So, today, I’m releasing the first round of our late spring/summer bags. Round two will happen when we are all set up and throwing that big opening party…fingers crossed for end of June. Get your orders placed now so I can pack them all up and ship them out before I pack up this studio and move to our new fantastic spot. It’s gonna be a wild few weeks! It is not at all lost on me that exactly one year ago today is when I started packing up my Pittsburgh life. The universe is working in magical ways these days. Remember that four leaf clover? It’s still with me. I modeled out a three year plan for the complete transition from one city to another and so far, I am exactly on schedule, meeting all of the expectations I laid out early last year when I was pulling this all together. You all have been so patient with the scaled back version of Moop Shop while I have been very busy rebuilding. I'm excited to say we are now entering Phase 2. So much more to come.

I am so grateful for every single one of you who has believed in this wild little business and the billions of stitches I’ve made to create the bags that carry our daily lives. It makes me so proud that you've all let me be a tiny part of your lives. Thank you.

That’s me above, fifteen years in, filled with so much good love and positive energy.



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See all those new Wayfinder colors below!! How about that Blue Lobster?!

We're opening a store! + New Spring Bags! + 15 years!