Protest Protest Protest

It feels difficult to just shift back into work mode today. We attended the protests in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Public protest is something I believe in and participate in. I grew up in the DC Metro area with the public act of protest as a part of my coming of age. The National Mall exists for the public to gather and make their voice heard. In my early 20’s I started attending public protests big and small. I learned from those events, and the events that followed and the people I attended with. I went to public speeches and I brought my daughter. It felt important that she understand from an early age. I was young and she was very young and those events shaped me. I’ve continued in every city in which we’ve lived since. In Pittsburgh, our shop is right around the corner from the City County Building, the steps in which most every protest in this city takes place. I have attended so many here. I felt proud to see thousands of people joining up on Saturday in Pittsburgh to make their voice heard, to show solidarity, to scream for change and hopefully, for those new to the public act, to learn, to educate themselves, to feel the energy of those who are desperately calling for change.
There’s a lot of work we all have to do to. On our own, and together.
#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter