The Value of Protest

If you have ever wondered what the value of public protest is, now is a moment in which you can no longer wonder. 140 cities across the US showed up and are vocally demanding true genuine long lasting change. The reason you are hearing about it is because of the public protests that erupted into louder, stronger, bigger statements. It’s shaking everyone’s shoulders to say, LISTEN NOW! And people are listening. That is remarkable. It is the coalescing of technology and social networks and media in the form of iPhones that are disseminating the voices that have been quieted for too long. Every one of us can help this process. We can share the videos and photos and stories and struggles and talents of those who have been trying to share for so long. We can listen but we must also read and learn and educate ourselves and use our platforms to help give opportunity. I have a lot to learn and do. So do you.