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Saying hi to friends + crying

conneaut lake

Hello! By end of day today everything that was in queue that could ship, will have shipped. Expect an email from me in the next day or so for all orders that are still waiting, that could not ship yet. I’ve been so grateful to have the work, for me, for my employees, for the hopeful longevity of this business. You all have been amazing❤️ It’s true, I broke down yesterday from stress, from exhaustion, from uncertainty, from anxiety, from hearing Trump say he wanted to open everything back up again, which would, in effect, make all of the job loss, the business loss, the quarantining…all of it would have been for nothing. Everything feels reckless right now. Yes, this will cause lots of businesses to shutter. We might be one of them. But, it’s so important that we have some organization from our leadership to see this all through. We all have to just do what we can so we can get this all under control. I know you all are feeling the same way. I don’t need to add to anxiety. But, I hope you all are staying informed. Listening to what is happening, reading the news, maybe in moderation so you don’t go bananas, but really, it’s important that we all have the information so we can have a voice in the outcome.
On a happier note, here’s an image from sunnier days! And a true bright spot today: @jessecaggiano used his daily exercise to ride his bike down and say HI! to me while I finished packing orders, it made my day! Yesterday @toddeckert did the same and rode his bike down to say hi! And my dear friend @reikoyamamotostudio drove by to say hi! These moments of interaction (from a distance!!), are so helpful and hopeful. And, big huge reminders of the people that mean a lot to us in our lives. I feel lucky that my 41 years on this wild planet have produced such an amazing network of people I admire, love, respect and want to be around. So, let’s all do our part, so we can all be around each other again.
P/s there are still bags left. Like this Backpack no.3 in Cereal, worn by another face I want to see in person again @laurajean.mc
I’m leaving that sale up for now. Use it & we’ll ship again when we can. LUCKYTHIRTEEN for 25% off anything that’s in stock❤️

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