waxed canvas small cross body bag

It is so hard for me to get work done on Sundays. It reached a point where I would feel so guilty about not working but want so badly to do something leisurely that I couldn’t talk myself into doing anything and my nothing would feel so unproductive that I’d spiral into a place that felt like failure. For so many years it was difficult for me to take time off from the studio. There is just so much to do during every day that I have always needed to work on weekends in order to get it all done. But, age is teaching me that all those hours spent working are not being spent building relationships or taking care of myself or spending time with friends or reading or doing nothing or allowing the creative process that happens during down time and off days, all of which make me better at working and designing and making and being. I’m currently trying to prepare to be away for that 40th birthday vacation (which is actually a huge huge deal)(Seriously the first real actual longer than a long weekend vacation that I’ve taken as an adult)(that’s a looooong time)(bc I’m an actual undeniable adult in about 2 weeks when I actually do turn 40)…anyway, a long winded way to say I hope all of y’all are able to have your down days and time away from the things that consume all your waking hours. The 27 year old me could not understand the importance of that. The 39 year old me needs it so so much. I’m hoping to not spend too long working today and hopefully get outside in this weird and wonderful, kind of mountain town, kind of small city, kind of just great place to be called Pittsburgh. 
BAG: The Paperback Mini in washed yellow
MODEL: @almostsammy makes me want to do things
LOCATION: my home that I pretty much always want to be in and definitely needs about four hundred more plants

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