Hiiiii!!!!! WE'RE BACK! click here to read how we are re-opening. xoxoxo!!

4th of july

mass moca museum

I’m in love with this giant merger of technology, earth movers, solitary processes, manual handcraft, constructed environments and art. Let’s turn everything on its head and re-make how we exist in this strange contemporary world. It’s as terrible as it is wonderful and can be so hard to feel hopeful when it truly feels like we are living in insanity. We genuinely do need to be knit back together. Thank you MassMoca for showing me this, on this day.
We’re closed today so we can spend some time with those we want close to us. We work so hard to do what we do everyday, thank you for appreciating what we put out in the world! Lots of love from all of us here at Moop. Enjoy these days.
Wendy & co.

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