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Flash Sale today only!
To celebrate wild love and crystal energy and self care and the most perfect stapler you’ve ever seen.
And, The Paperback Mini in all navy. We love it.

use the code: MAGICLOVE for 13% off, today only, 9/13/19


Special notes:
〰️ These new cards make me so happy.
〰️ This flash sale is on for 24 hours..ending tomorrow, 9/14/19 at 1pm, EST with no exceptions...I'm traveling this weekend and the time difference sent me into the most deep fulfilling sleep, on an air mattress no less!...I guess i needed a little self care of my own, but it meant i was late getting my work done. 
〰️ I'm carrying a Smaller Weekender and this new Paperback Mini in Navy while I explore the pacific northwest this weekend.

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