HELLO! I'm working through the weekend! I hope you got to take it off and adventure around the world chasing waterfalls and meerkats and unicorns. I'm hoping to do that next weekend. But, this weekend, I'm making some bags for a few projects and getting to spend some time in the manufacturing store front space, thinking about how we have it laid out, all of the amazing things we carry made by other talented people, watching our quiet downtown street on a Saturday. It's really lovely in here. 

AND! FREE SHIPPING SALE THIS WEEKEND! We've got a pretty good stock of bags right now so if you get orders placed, we should be able to get them shipped out to you right at the start of the week.
Use the code: WEEKEND for free US shipping.




Extra notes:
〰️ We are in love with these new Rollbahn notebooks
〰️ I've converted to all natural deodorant. I know. We talk about my deodorant now.
〰️ I joined a new gym and now I'm also a versa climber convert now. I carry my Smaller Weekender with my gym clothes, water bottle, shoes, etc. and then my arms turn to jello, but I feel amazing afterwards.
〰️ I'm going deep into West Virginia next weekend, and then to Asheville, NC..road tripping with the love of my life, bringing one of our newest bag blankets, which I use also as a scarf, a picnic blanket and a campfire wrap. I love this new pattern.