And the winners are.... (plus a sale code)

We tried to put Clyde in a Letter Bag to deliver the news and he was like,
 "What do you think I am?!!? A DOG??!!" 
So, I'll deliver the news.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our giveaway!  We had so many instagram submissions and as many emailed entries.  We loved getting to see how fantastic all of you are!  It certainly made our decision a tough one!  So tough, we had originally planned to have just one winner but, we could not choose! So, we decided on three very lucky people!  
  • @starklifephoto submitted a cute video...but, we chose her because we started seeing a whole world of people trying to win a bag not for themselves but for her!  Clearly she is admired by many and her influence has been felt far and wide so, we couldn't resist!  We'll be excited to see where her new Moop bag goes as she iphoneagraphs the world around her.
  • @hllm1128  submitted an entry to win her Mom a bag.  We were pretty bowled over by her sincerity.  Her Mom is a single mum of two and a full time student.  She wants her Mom to receive something special for herself (she's always spending her extra cash on her kids).  It's pretty amazing when kids notice how much their parents do for them and we're excited to help @hllm1128 surprise her Mom with a new bag for school.  
  • And, Max.  Max emailed his entry to tell us how his bag had been stolen by some dirty rotten thieves!  All of his stuff was recovered but, his bag was gone and now he has no place for his things.  Well, we can't let things go around without a home so, Max is the lucky winner of a new Moop bag to house all of his stuff.
We just loved getting to see a glimpse into why you all love Moop so THANKS A MILLION for playing along with us!  We had fun and hope you did, too.  In thanks, we're having a sale through the end of this weekend.
Please use the code: INEEDAMOOPBAG to receive 10% off your entire order...and, tell all of your friends! 
Wendy & co.
p.s.  If you want to check out some of the great entries, you can do so by pulling up the #WhyIneedaMoopBag can also access this via our Instagram feed: @moopshop Be sure to follow us!!

p.p.s The sale code INEEDAMOOPBAG is only valid on, cannot be combined with any other offers and is valid from today through midnight, 10/20/13